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Jerked off this morning

July 27, 2005

Greetings folks, I just wanted you all to know that this morning I masterbated my penis to orgasm and didn’t think about a woman once! This does not mean I am queer because I would never have my bare dick anywhere near a man and I must say it is TOTALLY STRAIGHT to think of men while jerking off. Just like how thinking about stealing does not make you a thief, thinking about men while jerking off does not make you a homo.

Just wanted to clear that up for all you good people.

Mitch Haase

P.S. Here is the photo I was jerking it to:

I’ve never fucked a fat woman

July 17, 2005

…and I’ve never jerked off to a fat woman. I like skinny women with hairy arms and small asses.

Taking It, Frisco Style

July 16, 2005

Any of you hoodrat bitches out there like to take it frisco style? It’s the best shit you’ll ever have. It’s better than shoving pancakes up your ass. Dig it.

Mitch Haase