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Burning the Mexican Flag

March 28, 2006

I am asking my neighbors to burn as many Mexican flags as they can get their hands on. These fucking illegal aliens marching in the streets are really starting to piss me off. Imagine what would happen if a bunch of Americans living in Mexico marched through the streets of Mexico City. They certainly wouldn’t be greeted with hand jobs and reach arounds, that’s for damn sure.

Mitch Haase

This is what I am all about!

March 23, 2006

I think this photo speaks for itself though I am not queer in any way, shape or form so fuck you if you even think about it.

I just like a little gayness when I jerk off!

Incentive to go on a Diet

March 10, 2006

I was just thinking about cutting down on all of the cheese I eat and trying to drop a pound or two when I saw Richard Simmons on TV. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him until the show ended. It was then I decided to get serious about my diet so I went to the refrigerator and got rid of all my government cheese. I kept the pourable cheese but that was it.

After I cleaned out the refrigerator I went online to do research on diets and Richard Simmons. It was then I came across this wonderful incentive photo. Richard Simmons rocks and I am going to do everything I can to be like him but not with that hairdo.

This is going to be a great weekend because I am going to see Brokeback Mountain again and start my new diet.

Love, Mitch

This gave me a total fucking hard on

March 8, 2006

Fucking A my dick is throbbing!

this is what it’s all about

March 4, 2006

packing a gook’s mouth full of shit is how i live. &nbsp i dedicate this photo to the greatest generation.