This guy rawks!

I think this is the coolest guy I have ever seen. Here he is just doing his thing in the dirt without giving a shit about what anybody says. And to top it off he blows a load all over himself.

This is what I aspire to except I want a bigger cock than this guy. That thing is tiny.

And yes, I jerked off after I saw this pic. Actually, I jerked off a bunch of times because this is what turns me on. But I want to say again that I am not gay in any way shape or form and I do not take it up the ass.

I just like a little gayness when I jerk off.

3 Responses to “This guy rawks!”

  1. A Boy Called Marilyn Says:

    lovely pic and well done on the new posting Mitch darling.if only I could find where this little incident took place…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Mr. Mitch. I love your blog and it makes me happy to read. Happy play with yourself.Ricardo

  3. iraklisk Says:

    yeah it is a lovely pic! I do agree! Not so sure that you are not gay though…sorry

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