Blast from the past!

I was just looking through a box of old pictures and came across some from a party I went to a few years ago when I first moved to my house out near the ocean. I was shopping in the Safeway and met some guys buying vegetables and they invited me to this party that was up in Guerneville. I had never even heard of it so I thought what the hell. It was called bear and squirrel weekend or something like that. I never got out to hunt any bears or squirrels and to tell the truth, that’s a strange combination of animals to hunt if you ask me. I was drinking Everclear punch so I don’t remember much.

Anyway, enjoy the pic of a wet and wild party. By t he way, just because everyone was naked doesn’t mean I am gay. I am not gay in any way, shape or form. I also have never had a dick up my ass and that is what makes you gay so I am straight.

One Response to “Blast from the past!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Mitch ol buddy,That pic of your 100% hetero dick has dissapeared from your post on 10/15/05.The rest of us hot het guys might want to use it for JO material, ya know what I mean?Thanx, stud.

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