I am having a bad winter let me tell you that much right now.

First off, some ASSHOLE broke a window in my car, took a dump on the drivers seat, stole everything that wasn’t nailed down and my insurance company won’t cover it. Now every time it rains, which is a lot this winter, my car gets soaked. When my car gets soaked, then every time I get in it to go somewhere my ass gets soaked. To top it off, I have bums sleeping in it three days a week and there is nothing nastier than a wet bum in your car.

Secondly, I have been getting skeevy emails from some faggot named John Thawley. He is trying to get me to come and visit him and for me to let him suck my dick. For the last time – I AM NOT GAY! – John Thawley you need to stop sending me these fucking emails with your gay come ons because I am not buying it. Take your fag cruising and find someone else to suck dick because I am not gay in any way, shape or form.

Now that I have that off my chest, I am going to spend the lunch hour jerking off.

Have a nice day.


4 Responses to “FUCK!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    No matter how many times you say that your not gay, you are still one of the gayest people on the planet.For the simple reason that anyone who has to keep repeating that they are not gay, is gay as hell. And sorry dude, getting your dick sucked by a guy, and stinking your dick in someone’s ass is 100% gay, and makes you 100% gay. Oh, and real gay guys are 100% better people than you. You’re the kind of person thats at the same level as rapists or child molesters. I think a retarded, devil worshiping, crippled, homosexual, simian creature from the black lagoon is a higher order of being than you are.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mr. Haase, First off let me say that I am not “some faggot” sending you “skeevy” emails. I am sorry if you took offense at the tone of my email. It was simply my desire to have you join me for some good times at my home if you ever had the desire to visit the Midwest. Please don’t be alarmed as I have no intentions to hurt you in any way as all I want is to masturbate with you and enjoy some homosexual fantasies.The ball is in your court.John Thawley

  3. Stacy Leigh Says:

    I love your blog….great stuff!!!!I want to put a link from my blog…is that okay with you?lots of love,Stacy Leigh

  4. Sam Says:

    This is in reply to a comment left by Mitch Haase on Sam Spade’s San Francisco about Bernie Ward:Mitch Haase is a bit confused on the facts surrounding the Bernie Ward case. Ward was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest into the Order of the Precious Blood in 1977. Two years later he left the priesthood. There is no record of Ward having been charged with any violation of canon law by the Society of the Precious Blood or by either the Diocese of Santa Rosa or the Diocese of San Jose. Ward was neither defrocked nor excommunicated. After leaving the priesthood, Ward, who was in good standing with the Church, was hired by the Church to teach theology at Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa and later at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose.Neither of those appointments would have been possible if Ward was defrocked and excommunicated.Mr Haase’s statements are incorrect. Anyway, Mr. Hasse’s remarks would better have been left at the end of the Bernie Ward article, rather than at the end of the Pete Wilson article.Pete Wilson, by the way, is now deceased. The Pete Wilson story was published in October of 2006.Thank you for contributing to Sam Spade’s San Francisco. Comments and reflections about life in San Francisco are always welcomed.

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