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November 21, 2009

I woke up this morning early which is insane since I was up all FUCKING NIGHT with a bunch of hot bitches that I bought home from a bar out on 15th. I don’t know why everyone says you can’t meet chicks in the Frisco.

So I am at this bar called The Lookout that my buddy Bruce told me about. He said it was a great place to meet chicks and he was right. The place was packed with them and they were all hot and dressed like sluts. I usually don’t dance but seeing all of the tail in that place got me out on the dance floor and shaking my ass.

These four hotties came up to me and made a Mitch sandwich with a side of coleslaw and goddamn was that fun. I ended up buying them drinks all night and when 2am rolled around I was money. All four of them came over to my apartment and we partied hearty all night.

I remember trying to get them to get naked but they wouldn’t strip down past their bras and panties but they didn’t mind me getting buck naked so I whipped it out and they ate some breakfast sausage if you know what I mean.

At some point around 6am I must have fallen asleep because that’s about the last time I can remember seeing the clock. When I woke up they were all gone.

The only think I don’t understand is how I got razor burn on my thighs. Strange.

I was LIED TO!

November 11, 2009

Well I had a rude awakening the other night.

The Eagle Bar I was going to with Peter and Bruce was a FUCKING GAY BAR! NO CHICKS! MOTHERFUCKERS! They sure got a big laugh out of that after getting me buzzed before we left Peter’s house. Peter was making “Satin Panties” for us to drink before we left for the Eagle to get a buzz going so we didn’t spend too much at the bar. We walked down there from the house and I get it and order a Cosmo and start looking around and it is all DUDE! IN LEATHER! WTF?

We finished our Cosmo’s and then went to get a bite to eat at Clown Alley.

Those guys!

Later – Mitch

Happy Saturday Sexy Heteros

November 8, 2009

I am just getting ready to head out to meet some friends at a bar called the Eagle or something like that. It’s south of Market is all I know. They said I would really like it so it must be packed with hot chicks. I have been getting a lot of email from people who seem to think I’m gay and I want to say one and for all that I am not gay in any way and I have never had another mans dick in my ass.

I have had guys offer me cash if I would let them suck my dick but that doesn’t make me gay. That just makes me a good businessman.

Off to the Eagle bar.