I was LIED TO!

Well I had a rude awakening the other night.

The Eagle Bar I was going to with Peter and Bruce was a FUCKING GAY BAR! NO CHICKS! MOTHERFUCKERS! They sure got a big laugh out of that after getting me buzzed before we left Peter’s house. Peter was making “Satin Panties” for us to drink before we left for the Eagle to get a buzz going so we didn’t spend too much at the bar. We walked down there from the house and I get it and order a Cosmo and start looking around and it is all DUDE! IN LEATHER! WTF?

We finished our Cosmo’s and then went to get a bite to eat at Clown Alley.

Those guys!

Later – Mitch

2 Responses to “I was LIED TO!”

  1. Robin Says:

    Eagle bars across the country are well known for being leather bars for gay men. Although I’m a girl, I’ve been in one, and it’s all leather, all the time. The one I’ve visited puts porn on the big screen TV on weekends. You’d think it’s a franchise, but it’s not. It’s just like this big gay code. Even fucking Minneapolis has one.

    So now you know.

  2. mitchhaase Says:

    No shit? There are a bunch of bars in the city that have the name Eagle in them. I am going to have to start paying more attention where I am going at night. I am all about a little gayness when I jerk off but you have to draw the line somewhere.

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