Greetings Faggots!

It’s been over a month since I last blogged so let me get you all up to date.

On thanksgiving I went to a “Barack Obama Circle Jerk” party in Noe Valley. My friend Stephen held it and had told me that it was co-ed but only dudes showed up. We basically sat around and jerked off to Barack Obama giving speeches. As some of you know from my old blog I have a bit of a thing for Barack Obama when I jerk off but I wast to reiterate that I am not gay in any way shape or form. I just like a little gayness when I jerk off.

Anyway there were about twenty guys at the circle jerk and we all blew our loads onto an Obama campaign poster. Someone took a photo and I am trying to get a copy of it so I can post it here.

During the early part of december I went on a masturbation marathon and did nothing else for ten days. Unemployment rocks if you like to jerk off a lot. I started off jerking it on my couch watching old Andy Griffith shows. I even tried to jerk it to a documentary about Harvey Milk but it was too gay for me to blow a load to.

I thought it would be fun to jerk off at differnet locations around the city. My first stop was the old windmill in GG park down by ocean beach. I blew a load right on the side of the windmill and that was cool. My next stop was Pier 39. I had to do my thing there late at night when nobody was around. I tried to blow my load on a seal but couldn’t get the distance. Next up was Union Square in front of Macy’s where I met a guy sleeping in the park who jerked off with me. We both blew our loads on a photo of Gavin Newsom that was in the Guardian. From there I went down to what used to be my favorite burger joint in SF, Hot and Hunky. I can’t believe that it’s gone but I jerked off and blew a load on the doormat in honor of the great burgers they used to serve. Then I went up to Sutro Tower and blew a load on the fence. I really wanted to do it right on the tower but I couldn’t get over the fence and didn’t want to get arrested. Cops here in the city turn a blind eye to public masturbation and some cops will actually cheer you on and take pictures with their phones. This is a great city if you are into this sort of thing.

Now christmas is approaching and I am trying to decide what to buy myself. I am thinking about getting an inflatable butt plug that vibrates. Some of them have belt clips to put the bulb on your belt so strangers can give it a few squeezes when you’re on the bus or in clubs. I think that might be kind of fun.

Merry Christmas to all!

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5 Responses to “Greetings Faggots!”

  1. waterfriend Says:

    That evening we went to a park. The full moon was rising in the East, spreading its milky sprays in the whole world. Geeta sat very near, encircling me with her arms, warm and soft, loving and tender. Her lips were nibbling my cheek. A celestial fragrance emanated from her body. We lay down, curling against each other. She removed the buttons of her jacket and I brought my mouth very closed to those soft buttery heaps, when we heard footsteps coming towards us…….
    She bought some fine whisky and we went back home. The maid brought our food and she dismissed her. Sipping the drink and tasting the chicken, no more objectionable to me, we spent a pleasant evening.
    I slept soon. In the dead of night, something was creeping over my body. When I switched on the light, I saw Geeta licking my body, every inch of it, herself stark naked, her breasts full and the nipples erect. My body began to get hotter and hotter. She was lying over my body and almost bit my lips off.
    My stuff stood up like a pillar and went into the tunnel in the valley, as easily, as a sharp knife into the soft cake……

  2. muchspace Says:

    That circle jerk sounds great!

    I once attended a circle jerk called a “stroke march”, we all lined up in two by two formation, naked, with rifles on our shoulders and our cocks in our hands, we marched around the “barracks” stroking our cocks, our drill instructor’s cadence “this is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for fighting, this is for fun” We were inspired by the movie “Full Metal Jacket” which was playing on the T.V. Your circle jerk group should try it some time.

  3. Jim McAlpine Says:

    Please let me know when you are having another party. This sounds like my kind of fun.


  4. Robin Says:

    Please let us know where you obtain the vibrating butt plug. Living in SF as you do, I bet you end up at Good Vibrations.

  5. mitchhaase Says:

    Good Vibrations is exactly where I go for all of my toys. I bought myself a pocket anus that is fucking awesome.

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