I am not gay!

It doesn’t matter where I woke up this afternoon, I AM NOT GAY!

That is all.


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4 Responses to “I am not gay!”

  1. Brendan MacWade Says:

    If you had woken up at my place I might beg to differ. I would have fucked your tender ass until sunrise whether you were awake or not.


  2. Josh Martino Says:

    Do you ever come down to SoCal? I am in San Diego and would love to show you around and take you to the popular public jerk off spots. I am up at Blacks several times a week and it is a good place to hook up with other dudes who share the same interests. By the way you seem to be where I was a few years ago being in denial about your sexuality. Once I came out and opened myself up to the gay lifestyle I started to have more fun. There is nothing wrong with taking it up the ass once in a while.

    Hit me up if you come to San Diego and I will be happy to take you for a ride if you know what I mean.


  3. muchspace Says:

    I’m only gay when I’m drunk. The rest of the time I’m heterosexual. If I ever come to San Francisco all you have to do is plow me with alcohol and YEEEEEEEEEEES!

  4. mitchhaase Says:

    I am not gay even when I am drunk and the only guys I have had sex with were transsexuals which doesn’t even count. If they have tits than I am fine with it and it doesn’t make me gay. Plus I have never had another mans penis in my ass or mouth.



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