I am BACK and ready to PARTAY!

I haven’t been taking my blogging duties very seriously this year and for that I have to apologize.What I have been taking seriously is jerking off and for that I say “Fuck you sir!”

So my weeks have been pretty busy lately. I have been getting up at noon and starting my days off like an unemployed slacker which is exactly what I am these days. I thought Barack Obama was going to change that but so far that good for nothing, shit eating fuck hasn’t done a goddamn thing besides fucking over our country. And I actually voted for him but I sure as fuck won’t be voting for him in 2012.

Enough about that Obama fuck and back to jerking off. So I have recently gotten into jerking off on rooftops thanks to my good friend Jason. He introduced me to rooftop masturbation while we were out on a bike ride. We had been in the Haight smoking dope in the Panhandle and decided to ride over Clayton and into the Castro for a beer. I can’t hang in the Haight for too long because I can’t stand dirty hippy stank. Those fuckers always smell like urine and sweat and it makes me want to puke.

Jason and I rode over Clayton and dropped into the Castro and stopped by his buddy’s place for a few drinks and poppers. I think his buddy might be gay. Jason grabs me and says, “Let’s go to the roof.” with that smile I have come to know as meaning lets jerk our penises off.

I hadn’t jerked off on a roof so this was new to me and I was sporting wood by the time we got to the roof. Jason whipped out a tub of Anal-Eze (no shit it’s really called that but it works great for jerking off) and we both lubed up our penises and started stroking. I hadn’t jerked off in a couple hours by then and I was ready to blow in about ten strokes. I decided to go to the edge of the roof and blow my load over the edge and onto the sidewalk below. What a rush! I was just about to let loose when I heard people screaming and clapping on the sidewalk below. I looked down and immediately blew my load down on to them and they didn’t even get out of the way! WTF? One guy actually tried to catch some of my load in his mouth and another guy licked some of it off the mailbox.

Fucking weirdos. Only in Frisco. I wish I had a picture but I didn’t have my camera with me so I am posting a photo that I like to jerk off to.

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