Bob Beckel is my New Cum Target

Bob Beckel, my masturbatory obsession

Bob Beckel is my new obsession. I don’t know where this pudgy teddy bear has been all my life but I know about him now. I spent most of the night jerking it to pictures of Bob Beckel and I am going to spend all day doing the same. Something about this guy just gives me a boner and I have to stop whenever I’m doing, lube up my cock and go to town.

I love his voice. I love his chubby looks. I love his lips that I would happily insert my cock into. I am not gay and letting Bob Beckel suck my dick doesn’t make me gay so fuck you haters. I just think Bob would look even better with loads of my cum splattered across his chubby cheeks.

Call me Bob, I will be waiting.



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3 Responses to “Bob Beckel is my New Cum Target”

  1. Mr. Shelly Dick Says:

    Hello Mitch,

    I thought I was the only one who had a crush on Bob Beckel and I am glad to see that someone else shares the same feelings that I do. Bob is so sexy that I can’t get over it. I dream about him most every night and it always involves Bob sucking me dry before we spoon and fall asleep in each others arms.

    Thank you for giving me something that I have been yearning for all these years – normalcy.


    Shelly Dick

  2. Jeff Says:

    I find Bob Bechel very attractive too. I often masturbate to images of him that i post on the backside of the door to my bathroom. What do you think is the nest lubricant? I like 50 weight motor oil when I am really getting into it.

    Best regards,


  3. plombier paris Says:

    plombier paris…

    […]Bob Beckel is my New Cum Target « The Musings of Mitch Haase[…]…

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