Steve Jobs has AIDS

Steve Jobs, inventor of the gayest phone ever, has AIDS:

Steve Jobs AIDS Test Results

HIV test results for Steve Jobs

That’s right faggots, Steve Jobs has AIDS and there is nothing you can do about it.

When Steve Jobs dies of AIDS, the progression of iPhone gayness will stop.  You will be shit outta luck when you have to learn how to use a heterosexual phone all over again.

I can’t wait until the parade of cell phone faggotry ends.


Mitch Haase

Homosexual Apple Engineers

Typical day in Cupertino

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6 Responses to “Steve Jobs has AIDS”

  1. muchspace Says:

    It was only a matter of time;

  2. John Langley Says:

    I always suspected Steve Jobs was a homosexual.



  3. Honeydew Says:

    divine justice prevails over those who live a life of lies…..

  4. Steve Jobs – dead from AIDS at 56 « The Musings of Mitch Haase Says:

    […] progression of iPhone gayness has stopped. I predicted this in my September 2010 post Steve Jobs has AIDS. There will be no iPhone 5 because Tim Cook is as straight as […]

  5. peter scully Says:

    peter scully…

    […]Steve Jobs has AIDS « The Musings of Mitch Haase[…]…

  6. std testing, std testing kit Says:

    std testing, std testing kit…

    […]Steve Jobs has AIDS « The Musings of Mitch Haase[…]…

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