OP-ED: Rectal feeding: what’s the big deal?

In over 25 years of blogging I have never written an op-ed, until now.

Although I am very happy to see rectal feeding in the news 24×7, I don’t understand why pumping someone’s ass full of hummus makes people so angry.

Rectal feeding is one of life’s great pleasures.  San Franciscans pay big money get their asses pumped full of hummus.

These “victims” should be more appreciative of the treatment they are receiving.  I’d take an ass full of hummus in a New York Minute.

12 Responses to “OP-ED: Rectal feeding: what’s the big deal?”

  1. Taylor Novice-Finder Says:

    Hi Mitch,

    I just found your blog and I hope you are still around Mitch. I would love to share some of my fantasies with you guys.

    I am a horny college student and I love to masturbate in public. I spend a lot of time in the library and will often blow my load in books from the women’s studies section. I don’t know why but those seem to be my preference. I also a fond of masturbating from the roofs of apartment buildings where I can watch my seed fall to the ground. Sometimes I will try to hit people on the ground with it and other times I just like to watch it float away from my penis.

    If anyone else would like to discuss any of this I am very interested. I’ll keep checking back here and hopefully someone will respond.


  2. John Arkle Says:

    Awesome blog you have here Mitch. I too love a little gayness when I jerk off which is several times a day lately. I can’t seem to get enough of myself!

    I don’t know where you live but if you would ever like to get together some weekend and play please let me know. Something that really makes me hot is dirty talk about the USA while I tell condescending stories about how bad it sucks as a country.

  3. Michael E. Kraft Says:

    Mitch, I truly say that your blog has really hit home. Though I am “straight” to friends and family, I love my gay time and your writings really make me want to come out and scream the truth. There is nothing better then a little, or quite a lot of gayness when masturbating. I made a trip to San Francisco some time ago and I was thrilled at the raw open sexuality that I experienced. I think I must go again and experience it to the “fullest” if you know what I mean.

  4. Joe Starsia Says:

    Hi Mitch! I love your writings. If you are ever on the East Coast look me up and we can run a few out together.

  5. Carl Dix Says:

    Greetings Mitch. You and I have a lot in common when it comes to masturbation and homosexuality. Have you ever taking it in the ass by a big black buck? I would love to help you out as long as you return the favor. I also like to jerk off using the amerikan flag.

  6. Bart Sibrel Says:

    I’ll give you $100 if you let me suck your dick and blow a load on my face.

  7. Michael Wiley Says:

    I would let Michelle Obama suck my dick any day.

  8. Shad Moss Says:

    Ayo Mitch. U got nice cock that I be want be suck on. How bout we meet up so I git dat meat in ma mouf? Ware u at boyo?

  9. George Ciccariello-Maher Says:

    I was just researching rectal feeding and stumbled across your wonderful site.

    I currently not only rectal feed but also have embraced re-feeding as a way to gain enlightenment and increasingly make myself better than everyone else. I find ingesting my own feces is the ultimate path to being the best being I can be.

    If you would like more information on re-feeding I would be happy to send you a white paper I recently completed.

  10. Joe E. Kirk Says:

    This is a wonderful blog you have here and I would like to share my experiences. I often masturbate in public and recently did so on the roof of the building that houses my office. As I was about to climax, I noticed some students sitting on the steps below so I took aim and ejaculated over them. I believe that my seed contacted one or both students and it gave me a rush like no other. Since then I have masturbated while teaching some of my classes, into the shared creamer int he faculty kitchen as well as the usual locations of my car, elevators, women’s restrooms and of course into my own mouth.

    If you would ever consider having me as a guest writer on your fabulous blog, please do let me know. I would be honored. I hope to make a trip to your city by the bay to take in some of the local attractions, if you know what I mean.



  11. Heather Franklin Says:

    Hello Mitch I just love the look of your cock and if you are ever up in Portland Oregon I would let you fuck me six ways from Sunday with that thing. I’m a bit loose but I think you would fill me right up. I have kids but I would gladly dope them up for some alone time. Look me up hotstuff and I look forward to a good stretching.

  12. Alexander Dial Says:

    Just nursing my sore head and ass (I just got out of jail hah hah) and am sitting in my parents basement searching for some good beta cuck videos and found your blog. Love everything you are writeing here so I will be back soon.

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