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Jerking it in LA

July 20, 2010

What up my niggah’s? I’m in LA this week doing a little recon on the Hollywood scene. I used to come down here a lot when I had more time but sleeping until noon and then rubbing a dozen loads out during the course of the day doesn’t leave much time for traveling – or does it?

I jumped on a Southworst flight this morning and flew into LA. My buddy Peter who used to live in Frisco picked me up at the airport. Peter lives in a cool apartment just off Sunset next to a bar called Akbar. I thought it was a bar for Alaskan guys when I saw the sign but Peter says that they get a raging crowd every night of the week. Frisco only goes off on the weekends which makes me thing I should move down here.

We hung out at a place in Santa Monica called Roosterfish and sucked down a few cold ones. I was parched after my flight which included rubbing one out at 35,000 feet! FUCK YES! I blew my load all over the counter in the lavatory and left it there for some lucky lady. It wasn’t the first time I jerked of on a plane but it never gets old.

Peter wants to wait until midnight before we go down to Akbar. I’m drinking some strong coffee because I have a feeling that we are going to score with some chicks big time tonight. I love to bang LA bitches because they always scream like banshees when I fuck them. That’s cool with me because I love the feedback.

I’ll post more tomorrow after I wake up and let you fuckers know how I made out.



Queers are responsible for terrorism

June 21, 2007

The proof is in the pudding:

Arrests at Jerusalem gay parade

A Gay Pride march in Jerusalem has been taking place amid tight security, sparking fierce protests among the holy city’s religious communities.

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man was arrested for planning to bomb the parade, Israeli police said.

Fifteen other people were arrested for throwing stones at police after Israel’s High Court rejected an appeal by religious groups to ban the march.

More than 7,000 police were deployed to secure the parade to prevent clashes.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said officers found an explosive device in the bag of the alleged bomb plotter.

“He admitted he planned on planting it on the route of the parade today,” Mr Rosenfeld said.

Personally I am not gay and I have never had my dick in another man’s ass. The way these queers always want to get their queerness into everyones face is causing more problems for the world as far as terrorism is concerned. Queerness in public is even causing non-muslims to plant bombs.

The queers in the western world ought to do what the Arab and Muslim queers do and that is keep it to yourself. It’s common knowledge that most Muslim men like to have sex with young boys, it even tells them to cornhole young men in the Queeran. What they don’t do it hold parades and fuck in the streets like animals they way they do here in Frisco and over there in Jerusalem.

You have to draw the line somewhere and I think Fred Phelps is a good man to be drawing them. He is a prophet though we can learn a lot from the oldest queer community in the world, Islam.

the moral of the story is to be queer if you want but keep it your own business. Nobody wants to see queer sex in public unless it is at a masturbate-a-thon. Then it is fine with me because I like a little queerness when I jerk off.