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The TSA is a den of faggots

November 22, 2010
Business as usual at SFO

Business as usual at SFO

Let me start by saying that if anyone is going to grab my cock, it will be a woman.

Paying men to touch other men’s dicks is the very definition of a queer agenda.

The TSA is spending your tax dollars pushing faggotry and pederasty on decent, hard working heterosexuals like me.


Mitch Haase

The future of airport security

The future of airport security

I fucked myself!

July 22, 2009

I really need to blog more than once a month but I am just too busy sleeping, drinking and jerking off to bother with it.

What have I been up to you are all wondering? I have been sitting in my apartment, watching Skinemax and eating cereal. Seriously, that is what I have been doing for the last four fucking weeks. I got laid off from my job right after the masturbate-a-thon and I have been in a funk ever since. I really haven’t gone out much because I am trying to conserve some cash. I hate that fuck of a president we have and I am not voting for him again.

On a positive note, I did finally manage to fuck myself good. And my buddy Peter was over and got a photo for me. Before you assholes start calling me a faggot this doesn’t make be a fag because it was my dick in my ass. I have never had another mans dick in my ass or mouth and I never will.

I AM STRAIGHT! I just like a little gayness when I jerk off.