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Jerking it in LA

July 20, 2010

What up my niggah’s? I’m in LA this week doing a little recon on the Hollywood scene. I used to come down here a lot when I had more time but sleeping until noon and then rubbing a dozen loads out during the course of the day doesn’t leave much time for traveling – or does it?

I jumped on a Southworst flight this morning and flew into LA. My buddy Peter who used to live in Frisco picked me up at the airport. Peter lives in a cool apartment just off Sunset next to a bar called Akbar. I thought it was a bar for Alaskan guys when I saw the sign but Peter says that they get a raging crowd every night of the week. Frisco only goes off on the weekends which makes me thing I should move down here.

We hung out at a place in Santa Monica called Roosterfish and sucked down a few cold ones. I was parched after my flight which included rubbing one out at 35,000 feet! FUCK YES! I blew my load all over the counter in the lavatory and left it there for some lucky lady. It wasn’t the first time I jerked of on a plane but it never gets old.

Peter wants to wait until midnight before we go down to Akbar. I’m drinking some strong coffee because I have a feeling that we are going to score with some chicks big time tonight. I love to bang LA bitches because they always scream like banshees when I fuck them. That’s cool with me because I love the feedback.

I’ll post more tomorrow after I wake up and let you fuckers know how I made out.



Found a New Hobby

September 1, 2009

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but I just haven’t been in the mood.

I’ve been in the mood to jerk off like a fiend but just not blog about it, until now!

I recently started in a new direction that will cement my spot in the heterosexual world. No more of this faggoty ass play that I got sucked into. I am now heavily into penetrating my urethra and it fucking rocks! If you haven’t tried this before, you may not know what you’re missing. Just steer clear of fish hooks, trust me.

I started with q-tips when I had a small sore in my urethra and once that healed I couldn’t stop sticking stuff up there. Here’s a pic of me with a coat hanger that I worked up there last night. I am going to try to see if I can stretch it out so I can eventually turn my dick inside out! Wouldn’t that be bitchin? Of course, I don’t know how I would get it back out but it couldn’t be too hard.

Give me some suggestion on things I can stick up there and I’ll do my best to do it and take pics.

And lastly I want to say that I AM STRAIGHT AND NOT GAY IN ANY WAY.

That is all.