The TSA is a den of faggots

Business as usual at SFO

Business as usual at SFO

Let me start by saying that if anyone is going to grab my cock, it will be a woman.

Paying men to touch other men’s dicks is the very definition of a queer agenda.

The TSA is spending your tax dollars pushing faggotry and pederasty on decent, hard working heterosexuals like me.


Mitch Haase

The future of airport security

The future of airport security

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4 Responses to “The TSA is a den of faggots”

  1. John D. Says:

    Personally I am looking forward to flying this coming holiday travel season. A little reacharound in the security line is exactly what I need to fluff up my penis and get me to the gate on time.

    I will report back with my experiences.



  2. muchspace Says:

    I actually applied for a job with TSA once, they turned me down, something about my voice not being high falsetto enough.

    I’m glad I got turned down, don’t think I would make a very good “balls” inspector.

  3. muchspace Says:

    Actually Mitch, you should consider applying for a job with TSA. You can use that giant cock of yours to do anal cavity searches, I betcha you can find WMD’s shoved up someones ass.

  4. Richard Glover Says:

    This is exactly why I love to travel. The Quantas security in Oz is especially adept at massaging my shaft whenever I fly and I am grateful for that.

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