Checking the Oil is 100% Hetero

Sexual battery charges have been filed against Preston Hill of Fresno for using a standard wrestling move called “checking the oil” or “butt drag” during high school PE class.

According to Fresno State wrestling coach Dennis DeLiddo:

“A butt drag isn’t sticking your finger up a guy’s rectum. That’d be counterproductive.”

How could it ever be counterproductive to stick your finger up a guy’s rectum, especially when wrestling?


My typical Friday night.  This is 100% hetero.

My typical Friday night. This is 100% hetero.

The butt drag is taught in all high school wrestling programs.

High school PE as I remember it

High school PE as I remember it

I don’t understand what all the fuss is all about, this does not look gay to me.

The butt drag, a standard wrestling move

The butt drag, a standard wrestling move

That wrestling coach in Fresno is probably a closeted homosexual and is afraid someone will notice the erection in his gym shorts.

There is nothing gay about wrestling

There is nothing gay about wrestling

UPDATE–Sexual battery charges have been dropped!

Preston Hill, 17, a senior at Buchanan High School near Fresno was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery after he allegedly inserted his fingers into a teammate’s anus during a wrestling practice last July. The 17-year-old’s father claimed his son had been taught the move, sometimes referred to as a “butt drag” or “checking the oil,” by the school’s wrestling coaches.

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5 Responses to “Checking the Oil is 100% Hetero”

  1. muchspace Says:

    I’m a female oil wrestling aficionado myself. Every time I see two dames rolling around in oil I just pull out my cock and start stroking, then again anything naked and oiled makes me choke my chicken. yee haw!

  2. John C. Tripp Says:

    Seeing these photos of two men grabbing each others junk it makes me want to suck some cock. I also love going to high school wrestling matches and rubbing one out at the top of the bleachers.

  3. David Sciortino Says:

    Mr. Haase I commend you on your fine blog. I too am a fan of wrestling and can appreciate the butt drag. I would love to get oiled up and show you the move on your turf or mine. Please contact me and we can set up a meeting. You are a well hung man and I have other plans for you as well.


  4. Rick Bawls Says:

    Those pics are hot and bring back high school memories. There were a couple gay dudes who joined the wrestling team just so they could learn the butt drag move and to shove their balls in the face of another sweaty dude just for sport! One of the guys used to steal sweaty jock straps after wrestling practice and he and I would rub them in our faces while masturbating vigorously! Man, that was hot!

  5. Clifford Durand Says:

    Imma guna like mofo wrestlin ifa imma git to fingger nother dude ass mofos. Imma gonna suck sum dick 2nite fo sho an git my facial on.Imma luv it when ah git lodes blown ona my face niggers.

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