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I Blew a Load into the San Francisco Bay

January 29, 2010

I spent most of today cruising around the city looking for a job. I got laid off a while back and damn is it hard to find something these days.

I spent most of the day in Noe Valley and the Castro stopping in a few bars for drinks and shooting the shit with the rest of the unemployed assholes around town.

Once it started to get close to 3pm I popped my mid afternoon boner and had to do something about it. I thought about going into a porno theatre but blowing a load in there is so played out. Sure, you have the glory holes in some of them and that can be fun but I really just needed to get a hand on things if you know what I mean.

I found myself at the ferry terminal and got on one of the Red & White fleet boats and made my way to the back. The weather kept most everyone inside so I had the rear deck to myself. I unzipped and did the old spit in the palm routine and got to work. By the time we got half way across the bay I was blowing my load into the bay like a pro. I managed to nut twice before making the return to the city, wiped my hand off on the rail and got off the boat. I walked up to North Beach and grabbed a plate of the cheapest gook food I could find.

I think it’s time to start going to SF Jacks again because although this solo thing is fun I really need a little more gayness when I jerk off.

Public Masturbation on Bikes!

January 18, 2010

Happy New Year you fucking freaks!

This has been a good two weeks and I am living up to my resolution of masturbating every day for an entire year, sometimes multiple times in a day.

Earlier last week, my friend Jason Meggs and I went out biking around the city looking for good places to jerk off in public. He does it all the time but this would be a first for me. He has been trying to get my on a bike for a while now and I was finally up for it after he brought me a pair of bike shorts and some lube as a belated Christmas present.

We began out trip by riding to Zeitgeist over on Valencia for some liquid courage (like I need that to jerk it in public). We locked out bikes up and went in for a while and has a few pilsners. We decided to ridw down Market into the Castro since blowing a load on the sidewalk is almost expected in that neighborhood. Let me take this time to state that I am not gay in any way. I just like a little gayness when I jerk off.

We rode to the Safeway and stopped at the corner across from where my favorite restaurant in all of SF used to be – Mecca. I am bummed that they closed because I loved going there. Anyway we started to jerk off in unison facing Mecca (hah hah) and both blew our loads in less than a minute. We had pre-lubed out riding shorts with Anal-eze and were already sporting chubbies so it was easy to rub one out in just a few strokes.

After wiping our cocks on the bus stop wall we continued on towards Noe Valley but got sidetracked and went in to 440. That place is always full of burly sports fans and they make me feel welcome whenever I stop by. One thing led to another and this big chick started to give me a reacharound when I was ordering a pint. This got me going again and the guys started cheering me on to whip out my cock for her so I did and got a FUCKING BLOW JOB right at the bar!. Jason was just standing there with his hand in his shorts and staring in disbelief as I got my cock sucked by this big chick and the next thing I know he has it out and blows a load on her head from behind. The guys in the bar were hooting and hollaring and I think the big chick really liked it. She wouldn’t let go of my dick even though I was starting to shrivel. I got her number and am going to hook up with her again later in the week.

So far so good. I am finally catching up on my sleep now that it’s sunday. Not going out tonight though I am going to jerk off in the window and blow a load on the sidewalk next to the front entry.

I love doing that.



Happy New Year Everyone!

January 2, 2010

Just a quick note before I go out on the town.

Last night, New Years Eve, was a little out of control. I can’t go into details right now because of legal reasons but lets just say that fucking dude in the dress won’t be trying to give anyone a reach around in the near future.

I am going down to the Twin Peaks Tavern to drink a few down and see if I can shake this fucking hangover that I have had all day. I am never drinking silk panties again. That’s a drink not really panties for you ignorant ones.

And last, my new years resolution is to masturbate at least once a day, every day, all year. So far I am on track to keep this resolution even though it is only day 1. I jerked off on my balcony this morning as people were walking down the sidewalk. I tried to blow a load on this dude as he rode by on a bike but I didn’t lead him enough and I just hit the sidewalk and the hood of a car.

Off to the tavern. Blow a load and tell me about it – I appreciate your comments.